Sa Crystal Beach - San Narsico, Zambales

   Summer has come to an end but our longing for a sunny beach adventure still lingers. Good thing a friend of ours wants to celebrate her birthday somewhere away from the city. So our group decided to go to Crystal Beach to have a "beach-camping" birthday party which will surely satisfy the salt water cravings that we have.

   Home of the Summer Siren Festival for three years, Crystal Beach is also one of the favorite surfing spot in Zambales. I'm really excited to paddle out and get stoked again!

Sa Ark Avilon Zoo - Pasig City, Metro Manila

   Taking your child to somewhere fun and educational is a great way to spend a weekend. Last time, my son had a wonderful experience at the Manila Ocean Park. This time, I took him to a zoo near our place: The Ark Avilon Zoo.

   The Ark Avilon Zoo is located at Frontera Verde, Ortigas Avenue corner C-5, Pasig City. 

Sa Mount Makiling - Los Baños, Laguna

   I always see this beautiful mountain every time I go to the beaches in the south. Its top is said to have a shape like a maiden lying on her back. Mount Makiling or Bundok Ni Mariang Makiling as they call it, is known for its mystic stories and legends.

   Mount Makiling is a dormant volcano, no wonder why hot springs and geothermal power plants are abundant around its foot. Because of its rich biodiversity, students hike up to study different species of plants and animals. Mountaineers on the other hand, enjoys the challenge of its trail and the magnificent view from above that awaits their eyes.

   One of the trail going to the summit is from the University of the Philippines in Los Baños Laguna (UPLB) and the other is from Sto. Thomas Batangas. We tried the Makiling Traverse (MakTrav) which starts from Sto. Thomas Batangas up to its summit then going down to Los Baños, Laguna. It is said to be one of the most challenging day-hike climb near Manila.